Engineering Business Value

Hi, I'm Jan 👋

I am a Engineering Lead who writes about connecting the dots between people, software, marketing & sales to engineer business value.

Does that sound like you?

I feel like I'm just a code monkey

who is currently mindlessly implementing Jira ticket BE-8712 without understanding how that will help the business.

I feel stuck at my job

and I don't know how to make the next step in my career.

I want to become a technical leader

but I don’t know how to make the jump from senior engineer to tech lead or software architect.

I want to be the guy who can do things end-to-end and own the result

I want to develop marketing and sales as complementary skills to deliver something amazing.

I'm looking for a side-gig

but noone seems to care about the things I produce. I don’t know how I can create anything of value for others.

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